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Our History

Charles Maund was born on February 3rd, 1927 in Hemphill, Texas. His father, Harry Mellon Maund, owned a lumber company that went bankrupt in 1930. His mother died when he was two years old, followed by his fathers passing in 1938. He was raised by his older sisters.

At sixteen, he borrowed $500 from a family friend and bought a used car to fix up and sell. After that he bought more and began a used car business. At eighteen he moved to Port Arthur, Texas and opened a used car lot, eventually expanding to five. He Married Helen Lang in Port Arthur in 1948.

In 1953 Charles bought 50% interest in the Oldsmobile-Cadillac dealership in Port Arthur. Four years later, in May 1957, he acquired the Oldsmobile-Cadillac dealership at 1214 West 6th Street in Austin, Texas. He eventually acquired General Motors dealerships in Odessa, Longview, and San Angelo, Texas, as well as Shreveport, Louisiana.

In 1994, after the death of his beloved, Helen, Charles retired and turned the reins of the auto group to his son, Doug.

Charles philosophy has always been to treat customers with courtesy and respect.

"We can replace any vehicle, but we cannot replace you, our customer"-Maund Family