Three Ways the Volkswagen Passat Bests the Mazda6

Before you settle with the Mazda6, we recommend you compare it to the Volkswagen Passat first! As you will discover, the VW model outshines its Mazda competitor in several ways. For your convenience, we have listed three of its advantages below. This will help you understand why many of our friends and neighbors around Austin, Texas, often choose VW over Mazda.

Efficiency: Do you like having extra savings? Then you will appreciate the new Volkswagen Passat because it offers an economical ride. With 25 city and 36 highway MPG ratings, it easily outperforms the Mazda6 which only supplies 24 city and 33 highway MPG. It even has a bigger fuel tank, which means you will have to worry less about stopping on your drives to refuel.

Space: A comfortable ride is largely determined by the spaciousness of an interior, which is another reason to pick the new VW Passat. With 102 cubic feet for passengers and 15.9 cubic feet for cargo, it is bigger than the new Mazda6 which presents only 99.7 and 14.7 cubic feet of volume, respectively. That means your companions can seat themselves more comfortably and you can fit more luggage, too.

Coverage: You deserve peace of mind with the purchase or lease of a new car. Fortunately, you will have just that with the new VW Passat. Take its Basic Warranty, for example, which covers a period of 6 years or 72,000 miles. In contrast, the comparative warranty of the Mazda6 lasts for only 3 years of 36,000 miles. So, for better factory-backed coverage, go with the product from our brand!

Want to learn more? Then schedule a visit by calling (888) 554-1406 and test drive a Volkswagen Passat at Charles Maund Volkswagen. What you learn will leave a lasting impression.

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