Volkswagen models come with an owner's manual, and the book tells you when to bring the car into our service center for all of your maintenance needs. Following the advice and bringing it to a dealership's service department would be a good plan. The same is true when unexpected problems occur. No matter the reason for service, you want an expert technician to handle the car.

Timely Service for Routine Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance involves oil and filter changes, coolant exchanges, tire rotations, and brake inspections. Extending the life of your car consists of taking the best care of it. Performing routine maintenance helps the cause, and so does hiring the best technicians for the job. Our dealership's team handles routine service requests daily. Expect quality service from our expertly trained technicians.

Unexpected Problems and Expert Fixes

Sometimes, a Volkswagen vehicle requires a lot of work. If an engine diagnostic reveals more than one problem, you want the technicians to figure out the issues and perform the right fix. A capable team is necessary to service complex problems with a vehicle's transmission system. The same would be true of full brake system replacements or any other complicated jobs.

Even regular maintenance work can sometimes require a careful hand. Some routine fixes may require a lot of mechanical work, such as replacing a timing belt or water pump. Our technicians are ready for those involved jobs. Even if your Volkswagen runs well, why not request a thorough multi-point inspection to get a jump on any issues?

Certified Technicians and Genuine Parts

Getting the work done is not enough. You want to be confident your Volkswagen car, SUV or wagon gets the best service and undergoes reliable repairs. Aftermarket parts and mechanics unfamiliar with a particular Volkswagen model might not be best for the job. Certified technicians, ones trained to work on new and used Volkswagens, have the skills necessary to perform expert repairs.

And forget about aftermarket or scrap yard parts. Our dealership provides access to genuine Volkswagen parts. With the right parts, you'll feel more confident in the repair work.

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