Volkswagen Tiguan vs Honda CR-V

Compact crossovers are all the rage today, and for good reason. New SUV shoppers who are looking for a vehicle that gives them both confident handling in any weather condition and a car-like ride; both ample cargo and passenger space and efficient dynamics love compact crossovers for their well-balanced list of attributes. That being said, not all crossovers are made the same. Far from it, in fact.

New 2018 VW Tiguan Round Rock, TXNew 2018 Honda CR-V Austin, TX

When comparing crossovers - or any vehicles for that matter - it's important to keep in mind what you need. Still, we hope that our comparison of the Volkswagen Tiguan and Honda CR-V, two popular new crossover SUV models, will help make it easier for you to weed out which car might be right for you. So without further ado, here's how the new Tiguan and CR-V rank against each other.

Competitively Priced

The Volkswagen Tiguan has a base price of $25,195. The Honda CR-V, by contrast, starts at $24,150. Though slightly more affordable, the CR-V by no means has the Tiguan bested. In fact, when you choose the Tiguan, you're getting more for your money - literally. That's because the Tiguan offers seating for seven - and more.

Interior Space

The new Tiguan is about 10 inches longer than the outgoing model, making room for more people and cargo. The new Tiguan offers 37 cubic feet of cargo space with two rows, or 16 cubic feet with three rows (which expands to 73.5 cubic feet with all seats folded). The CR-V, by contrast, offers about 39 cubic feet of cargo space, but not the option of third-row seating. To get that in a Honda, you'd need to upgrade to the nearly $31,000 Pilot.

Powertrain and Engine Information

The Tiguan and CR-V are neck and neck when it comes to power. They both offer fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines that help make them both more economical than larger midsize or full-size SUVs. What's more, on the performance front, they both an identical 184 horsepower.

Available Safety Features

Each of these compact crossover vehicles is engineered to be extremely safe. The Tiguan and CR-V both come standard with backup cameras, too, which make backing up - even with a fully loaded cargo area - a breeze. Want more active safety features? Whichever of these SUVs you choose, you won't be disappointed in their assortment of available driver assistance features.

Infotainment & Connectivity

The Volkswagen Tiguan beats the CR-V out where standard infotainment technology is concerned. The Tiguan offers drivers a standard 6.5-inch touchscreen multimedia system with both Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ technology included. The CR-V, however, only comes with a 5-inch infotainment display. Smartphone integration is also available on the CR-V, though it doesn't come standard like it does on the Tiguan.

The Volkswagen Tiguan vs. Mazda CX-5

If you're in the market for a sporty SUV, then you can't go wrong with the Volkswagen Tiguan. Spacious, tech-filled, safe, and exciting, it separates itself from the competition, like the Mazda CX-5, in all of the key areas. Why should Georgetown shoppers start their search with the Volkswagen Tiguan? Read on to learn more!

New 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan near Round RockNew 2018 Mazda CX-5 in Austin, TX

Performance and Capability

The sport SUV class combines space and a sporty feel, and the Volkswagen Tiguan comes out on top in both regards. It has more cargo room when the rear seats are folded down, and Round Rock passengers will have a ridiculous 124 cubic feet of passenger volume. The Mazda CX-5 only has 104 cubic feet of passenger volume.

Even with a larger body, the Volkswagen Tiguan handles and accelerates like a much smaller car. It's turbo engine hits 221 pound-feet of torque at 1,600 rpms, so you'll accelerate without redlining. It takes 4,000 rpms for the Mazda CX-5 to hit its peak of 186 pound-feet. Your ride won't feel as spirited in the Mazda CX-5.

Features and Safety

Cedar Park shoppers will find tons of features in the Volkswagen Tiguan that the Mazda CX-5 doesn't offer. Perhaps the most convenient is the configurable 12.3-inch display in the instrument cluster. You'll have access to information, like tire pressure and even navigation, right behind the wheel. The Mazda CX-5 sticks with the outdated layout.

Both models can be outfitted with a wide range of safety features, like lane assist and forward collision warning, but only the Volkswagen Tiguan makes use of pedestrian detection and area view camera system.

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